Date: June 4, 2001

"When I touch in with Infinite Spirit, my thoughts are transformed."


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Many are attracted to a Spiritualist church for the first time with the hope of receiving an evidential greeting from a departed loved one or friend and that is very important, but it is not all there is to Spiritualism. We believe in the continuity of life.

That is, when we leave this Earth we continue in a lighter vibration and in surroundings that are also very similar to Earth, only brighter and with more vibrant colors. We arrive with our same personality as when we were in the physical, no better, or worse, or more intelligent-so that is why we should always think about advice from spirit as to whether it is right for us or not. We accept that those on the spirit side of life can communicate with us, through mediums, dreams and various other ways. We believe the spirit guides can help us and influence us in our every day lives, but we should not expect spirit to live our lives for us.

This is our life and our school of learning and it is up to us to solve our daily problems so as to be better prepared for the spirit life to come, or if you believe in reincarnation, maybe in another life on Earth, which the NSAC only accepts as a theory. But greetings from spirit is only one side of Spiritualism. Spiritualism is a way of life, it is not a belief system that you just go to on a Sunday and feel that you have done your spiritual duty for the week, then go about your normal business. Spiritualism is a seven day a week way of living; it is a Philosophy for living a very healthy, loving and practical life.

Not an old man sitting on a throne somewhere in the clouds watching us, and ready to judge our every move, deciding whether to send us to Heaven or a fiery Hell, but a very practical creative loving energy that is equal in all parts of the Universe. The life that we have lived on this Earth to a degree dictates conditions we will find ourselves in, upon arriving in the next dimension of life

We do not accept that anyone can forgive us for our errors, it is up to us to take personal responsibility for every thought and action that we do in this life. It is up to us to do our part, so don't expect to be cured if we continue to treat our body in a harmful manner, such as smoking, excessive drinking, a poor moral life, over work, lack of sleep, etc

We do not believe in so called miracles, for we believe that everything follows Natural Laws, which are the Laws of God. Those things that happen in life that are called miracles are the working of Natural Laws that at this time we do not fully understand. If we follow our Declaration of Principles as a way of life we will find that life will be very worth living.

Arizona churches you should not miss

If you ever visit the beautiful continent called America, or if you already live there, then you should consider going to Arizona. It is a beautiful part of the United States and many people visit it because of the churches and nature, one can see and visit there. Phoenix as the capitol of the State of Arizona is the center of every kind of life there, even the religious aspect of living. Arizona's climate, nature and people are something worth visiting this part of the world. The Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River is a beautiful God's creation where you can see the beauty and power of water and the way it bended and changed the structure and look of its surrounding. The same thing does Jesus and the Bible for us. It bends and shapes our soul and our hearts and makes us realize our way through our lives.

While going through Arizona you can also see the West Mitten at Monument Valley. In its middle you can see a huge rock structure that was not washed away by the millions of years of rain. Many other places like The Grand Canyon and other can be also seen while you are driving to one of the best places this part of the US has to offer. We are talking about Phoenix, of course.

The life in church

Dream City Church in Phoenix is a big but not huge church where you can listen to God's words but also talk to the priest about your sins. The internet is a place full of wisdom and beautiful things but also full of live sex chat. If you need a redemption for your mistakes you made in past you will find it here for sure. For me, it is always the best way to feel God in the nature, especially if the nature seems untouched. That you can find right here. The Blue Mesa at Petrified Forest National Park is one of the places that seem so beautiful, just made by God with no changes done by people. While standing to it you can feel God's love and his power, because he created that for us, to see, realize and learn from it.

Beside all these places there is one more, and I find it the most beautiful one - Cathedral Rock near Red Rock Crossing in Sedona. It really looks like a Cathedral made by God. It looks mesmerizing and stunning and it will open your heart to realize how big God is. You can do so also in some of the smaller churches in Arizona. There you can talk to people and the priests, learn about their lives and maybe hear about something that can help you with your problems. Midtown church in Tuscon is one of those places. Their helping groups and whole community seems so amazing and well put together. The reason for that must be their love for God and Jesus. There are also some architecturally interesting and amazing churches in Tuscon.

The Amazing Grace Church looks beautiful from inside and outside and the St. Luke's church in Sedona has a view on the Cathedral Rock. If you go there you will have an amazing experience, that is for sure!

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